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Dale Smith

There is a program called "PG Offline 4," which will make a complete copy of everything on a Yahoo group.   It can be used by both members and administrators.  If you are not an administrator, email addresses are hidden in the copy.  It is available in both a trial version, which has some limitations,  and a licensed version.  Just Google it if you want to download it.   At least you will have your own copy of the contents of the group.  I have the licensed version and used it to get the Vintage HO group transferred over to

The reason I had to resort to this rather than using the utility designed for that purpose is that the only administrator/owner was locked out of access by Yahoo.  I had to individually upload all the photos and files to the new group, however, and it was a lot of work.  I have still been unable to get the the old messages over to the new group, though the PG Offline program has saved them in database form.  It is a question of format compatibility, but I haven't given up.  

If the administrator of this group is still around, that is by far the best way to do it.  Ken Clark has been a great help in getting several RR related groups over to and I am sure he could be helpful here, and I offer my help too.  I moved the GilbertHO group over to about 9 months ago and things have been running smoothly.  The interface for photos is far superior to Yahoo's.  When moving over, you have to be careful about the size of the photo library as you are only allowed 1GB before you get into the paid account category ($10 per month)

I will make a copy of the GandD group just to preserve it in case Yahoo goes belly up and try to keep it up to date until its last gasp.  GandD has almost 16000 messages, but that doesn't take up that much room, less than 1 mb because it is all text.   i will let you know how big the photo, file, and attachment libraries are when I finish the download.

Dale Smith

On 1/22/2019 6:48 AM, Randy Decker randyleedecker@... [GandD] wrote:
Can anyone contact PAT...  there is a few google search info things now about Yahoo ending support and if that happens I'd hate to lose the photos and files sections etc.  We can always find place to chat again.....   


On Mon, Jan 21, 2019 at 10:13 PM Russell Courtenay walruswebtech@... [GandD] <GandD@...> wrote:
I haven't heard anything but have been moving my groups over to without any problems. Yahoo had a hiccup in their login for a bit and I couldn't move my bigger groups over then there were many problems (again) at Yahoo with accessing and posting to groups. finally got through Yahoo!'S mess and I am transferring the last of my groups over, good riddance to Yahoo! It will take a couple weeks to get everything transferred over. 

I personally don't like the way Googlegroups are setup (for one thing, you do not receive your own emails back if you send a message to the group and there is no way to change that). 

I'd say; if you are thinking of moving- go for it while you can!

Russell Courtenay

On Jan 21, 2019, at 7:24 PM, Randy Decker randyleedecker@... [GandD] <GandD@...> wrote:

Ohh crap....   PAT....  ?    

On Mon, Jan 21, 2019 at 9:01 PM 'W.R.Dixon' WRDixon@... [GandD] <GandD@...> wrote:

Seems to be a comment going around on other groups that Yahoo is closing
groups in a few days (24th).

Anybody working on the move to Goggle yet?

Bill Dixon


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