Re: Randy's photos

Bob Friddle

He certainly had the opportunity and I’m sure He would have recognized it, so I think you are right Tom.
By the way, guys, with 4 to 8 inches of snow forecast followed by -25° with -50 wind chill this week, I am once again wondering how crazy I must be to be building such a lay out here when I should be thinking about retiring someplace warmer! I do have my bench work set up in sections but I’m probably kidding myself about getting anything as three dimensional as this out of my basement without significant damage. I hear Monterey is pretty nice…

Bob Friddle

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In connecting Great Divide to Port, you just changed the G&D conceptual design! I completely disagree … John would have never done this. Study his schematics and operation.

I sincerely hope you change you mind about this connection.


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