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Bob Friddle

Yes, I couldn’t resist making the connection to the port line as well. It actually allowed me to get a low level Loop going for my own entertainment while I worked on the upper levels. John was a pioneer, so I Think it’s OK to approach this with a similar pioneer spirit.

Bob Friddle

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Well it's technically 5 inches in 11'  but I agree, anything near 4 percent is going to be tough on some trains.   As for retiring the track,  It was beautiful when traveling downhill...  lol      

I have added a connection to the lower or outermost yard track, (this must be what john had planned) it now hooks up with the line that climbs up from Port headed to the Eagles Nest and Andrews.  Please ignore any of the drawings..  I have a new one but it is not finished. 

 Don has some photos that I would bet will finally show the very same connection I just made.   I knew there were bridges in the places he did not finish yet as long girders just will not work to span the distance and truss bridges are what a model railroad should have..  Lots of them...  I could just shoot myself now to save the pain of the task I know is coming but wow John's layout had it all man....   Just must have been mind blowing for people who had no idea you could do something like this when they walked down those stairs!   
Anyway at this point I am doing a few things on my own.  What else can I do.    I am pretty sure John is good with them.   



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I always suspected that the cutoff was a steep grade. Based on your 5" in 10', that's a 4.17% grade with no vertical easements!!! And vertical easements are just as important for good operation as the horizontal ones.

I never have heard of any "limiting grade" related to the cutoff in any discussions of operations, though. Given that it was hidden track, too....

Even in John's photos showing the cutoff tunnel is looks like the track immediately "dives" down a grade.

I guess in the long range plans, once the high line was finished, the cutoff was to be retired.


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