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I'd have to second this.   Get while the get'nz good.  Now I realise it is easy to have this opinion, sitting in my chair and not knowing the technical difficulties involved nor having to do the work.   But the writing's on the wall so to speak.

   Yahoo Groups is old school.  Now old school is great, we are all old school in many ways, but even the best of intentions are often relegated to the history bin, sooner, than later these days if you don't keep up.  I remember when Windows XP was the newest thing..    About the time this group formed I think...  ?     


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Hello Group Owners....

There have been three such rumors before as far back as 2015.
Motely Fool also had groups and such rumors were wide spread...until one day...Yes, they came true.
My advice...(not that anybody listens to me).
Consider getting the G&D or John Allen Homage Group Name/Domain NOW over on Groups.i.o.
Just be prepared so we have a place to go.
Also consider...NOT going to any other groups or creating your own with your own monthly costs.
I know people who have done that, since they didn't like Yahoo, and knew they could do better...
They Did ?
but at what cost ?
Soon they found themselves upset cause people would not pony up with a monthly subscription So....near suddenly shut down.
Only to be revived with a new owner who experienced the same phenomenon so it was shut down again...and the revived again.
? Cause not every one wants to go to Facebook; and have their personal information hacked.
Thank  you for listening....

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