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Bob Friddle

Looks great Tom! Reminds me I have to get my wife to design a logo for me (she’s a graphic designer and Gabrielle is her family name, we have a picture of a faded family crest with the angel Gabrielle from her old family home in southern Italy). God I wish someone would make a heisler and climax in N scale! (I have one of the kits but…) Seems like Atlas could re-tool parts of their shay dies easily – maybe I will when I have time - and if I get to that level of talent.

Bob Friddle

Gabrielle Lines (route of the Angels)



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I finally got my new (circa 2005) Rivarossi Heisler PR #6 painted. A friend installed the Tsunami 750 sound decoder. She has pick up on all wheels and runs great! I pulled the engineer and fireman from my old mid-1980s Rivarossi, but they wouldn’t fit, so I’ll use those in another loco. My friend said that I only really needed an engineer. Those little logging companies ran on a pretty tight budget and since she’s oil fired, one crew member could probably look after everything. Well, that works for me.


The photo of her on the wooden deck bridge is similar to page 135 of The Book, sans the Shay. The one of her on the stone arch in similar to one of the slides. There’s a slide of her switching logs that I’ll recreate and also the page 133 scene, now that I have a boober caboose weathered up. (The page 133 caboose is a Keystone Works. I have that kit, but not built, yet.) My log cars are Keystone Works. I assume that John had some of those, too. They track really well.


Note the number “6” … it has a large “bubble” at the end. These are similar to the G&D numbers … 2, 3, 5, 6 and 9. Decal maker Don Manlick created these for me years ago. I don’t think there is a font name for them and I have no digital version of it. I bozo-ed out when I had Rail Graphics, now out of business, make my newer decals.


I think she’s a nice looking loco and has separate (vs. cast) grab irons. It comes with an alternate straight stack, visor headlights and a traction tire. I didn’t use the traction tire, but it might come in handy. Since my logo is larger than John’s GD #6, my P.R. LINE lettering sits higher. I have three Kadee truss log car kits, but it’ll be awhile before I tackle them. I plan to be heads down painting locos.


I have an older mid-1980s Rivasossi Heisler lettered as PR #6. This version is closer to the PFM/United Heisler. It only had power on four wheels, so I needed to add pickup sliders. I wanted to buy the newer truck bogies, but I just received a reply from Hornby that they are sold out and discontinued. Not worth it for me to purchase a newer one.




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