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Bob Friddle

Oh Contraire, my friend, I was very amused and appreciative to discover that it was folded dogbone. I have the same respect for his plan as you do, the best ideas are simple, and this one is simply marvelous. I really appreciate all of your writing, as I’m sure we all do, it’s great to follow your steps and I look forward to seeing your updated plans. I’m playing a much longer game, and have a lot more to learn to be in your league, but it is a great learning opportunity.


Bob Friddle

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Yes Indeed Bob.   I am trying to figure out the nuts and bolts of this thing as we speak... No way I could finish the hiogh bridges over the yard area without at least ONE good 150' span Two worked better..  but now to see he had a LONG bridge fitted to a more normal span makes perfect sense.. and it looks great to..!   
    I have a complete " tight squeeze" right there in front of the cutoff switch and the small mountain and my feeder runs to the yard are going to be an interesting change but they do fit and they work better and seperate the yard even more....(no practicality in that but I like the look)  So I have crowded out some of John's used space there but added a bit more in length to the yard runs...and width on the back end..  I will also be connecting the main line to a track that runs independent of the yard and gives the whole operation another option for change of direction and delivery options. 

The plan drawing I made has morphed twice since I last drew it.   I really need to update it.   I am finding this project the most fun ever.  And John's design is a dogbone.     Is that not the best design ?  You sound as though it is a disappointment to discover this..  lol.    Not sure how you can get more out a run and use more of a room than this design..   But let's really be fair..... is three dog bone runs all set at different heights with lopes that are built right into the scenery.... and not hidden like a stacker add and subtract height. The design is brilliant and I can say that my attempts to build something better into my space was pretty courageously done.  I had two real nce ideas... but in the end my designs did not cover as much mainline in the same space.. and I had to use a stacker to achieve the differing heights just to make two full dog bone runs.

I really think John's design made the most use of the space he had than any design anyone could ever come up with..  and the overall result with some, full to floor scenery, was and still is unsurpassed.     

I just finished the cutoff line (under the yards) down to the X junction and am fitting in the plywood that form the platforms for the Hillside Station and the curves there... and the stone bridge back by the yards and the trestle and the portals and curves to establish this whole area....  WOW, there is a lot going on right there.....Lots of head scratching...this area also allows me some artistic licence to change the approach for the long bridge that will establish the backside of Gorre and doing everything to get every inch out of my space to make things as close as possible.  Right now it looks like my Gorre and Daphetid layout will be 70" by 35".  That is a bit smaller than John's original set up.  His was approx 80" by 43".  But it works... and all the other tracks fall into place this way and it leaves me a little more room in Goore to add a few things.   

Anyway it is a blast to be doing this and I respect John more and more for his modeling skill and design every day. I just try and I get it as accurate as I can and so far I am pleased with what this is looking like.    

"Miles to go before I sleep"  



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Yes, Randy, I do believe that I noticed the bridge supports back in the days when I was studying the book like acolyte, trying to figure out the complexity of this plan, which turned out to be a fairly simple folded dog bone after all! It’s completely understandable that he would hold this off till last, as it is almost entirely elevated. Good luck figuring out where those bridge supports go in plan, which does not show quite enough spacing for them.

I’m still trying to figure out a better lead track set up out of the yard, also it’s been close to 20 years since I started studying it closely. Kobiyashi Maru, you know. 


Bob Friddle

Gabrielle Lines


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Bob the overhead bridge section that crosses Port and in front of Great Divide itself and then on across the yards all connected to the High bridge that was never competed.    John was working on these areas that were done but of these last few bridges during his very last days and he did not purposely leave them out so you could see the headquarters building.  It was just the natural progression of the final stages of a complete layout.  

 It is nothing short of a miracle that anyone was there with a camera and some skill and took photos.   But history has been kind to those of us who truly care, and some photos of that time do in fact exist.   
These bridges and that final high lope was the last of the official work that needed to be done and all the more part of the tragedy of this incredible masterpiece.   To know that John was so near to competition and had finished everything other than the long, high, steel bridge to scalp mountain and to have his comments that he was not sure if he'd make it are chilling to say the least.  To have come so close and to have had his death and then the fire all happen within such a short period of time seems surreal to me.    I can't even imagine how it affected the guys who knew John so well.  Guys who had become friends and ended up as operators on this incredible creation.  

Anyway it is good to still see the enthusiasm. it's been 46 years now.   Wow...  !    I can tell you as a new member of this site I have received all kinds of helpful info and people seem to go out of their way to point out things I somehow did not see.  I have a long way to go on my project... and without this site and the gdlines memorial pages...  wow, I could never do what I am doing using only the book.       

BTW....As for this new bridge photo !!!   and wow what a photo it is..!   The CLUES were right in front of our eyes for 40 years...!  Some of us may have caught it but I did not...   Pages 20,21,103,105 and I'll bet more photos than these, all show the tall, wide, steel support towers sitting and waiting over the Yards waiting for the bridges. They are far to wide and to tall for underslung girder sections.  Totally just sitting there shining in the lights while I looked right at them and flipped the page...!   



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