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Bob Friddle

Yes, Thanks so much for the New pictures and commentary! I have asked the question about the bridges over the yard here before but no one has answered, so I’m glad I asked it again. I had speculated that he delayed putting them over the yard because he didn’t want to obscure the view of the station, and he apparently learned that it made operation more interesting when he did not have a fully completed loop. It’s too bad no one is left of that remembers if he changed or discussed changing his operational scheme once they were in, but I’m sure he was thinking about it!
 It is so amazing to see these pictures from new angles to be able to compare them with the previous pictures. I am fascinated with John’s use of forced perspective, which was not as obvious in the pictures he took. Especially in the clouds and smoke from smokestacks. What a mad genius he was! 

Bob Friddle

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Gotta make a new facebook page.   

   Jeff,  I can't get over how fantastic it is to get something new.!    The earlier Bridges photo has solved all my issues in the yard area...and make total sense..  Without confirmation (such as this photo or a good memory from one of the guys who remembers John layout fist hand..)   it is hard for me to problem solve troubles my own way.  Historical accuracy is so important to me.  

Don, Jeff,  thank you again gentlemen... !     

Covered in sawdust and having fun BTW...  I will have a few more photos.soon this will be a slow process. But the work is steady...

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