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Bob Friddle

Please, folks, let’s get off the taxes subject and back to the fun of  model railroading and our shared passion for the gorre and defeated!
here’s a question for you: why didn’t JOHN build The bridges over the yard? Does anyone who operated there have any insight into this?


Bob Friddle

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Worse still is John Allen’s home town and state. But from what I am seeing and from the places I have lived, up and down the east coast from New York to Florida, to where I am now, a stone’s throw from John’s old stomping grounds, there is no place to flee the taxes or fees. All I see is politicians and lawyers getting rich. I have scaled back my ambitions to a small switching pike ala the timesaver. Doing that has freed up more time and space to do it right.

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My Friend I can't tell you how scary New York is.  My Taxes are killing me as I am on fixed income now..   My family is all here... And I began building this space for this layout and I swear if know I could find a place that I could afford (that had all the features I have here) would be available in a state with normal Property taxes... I'd have done the move a while ago.   
I can't get into politics here...  Christ knows I want to...!     None of us should.   So I will leave this message at this..  

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Hi Randy,

Washington state may not have a state income tax but the real estate taxes are huge.  My house taxes have increased about $2000 in the past 3 years.  Sales tax in my town is 10%.  Washington state also nickel and dimes you with a large number of fees.  They have gone the way of tolls on roads too.  My license tab for my 9 year old car is $360.  I won't even talk about the new gun initiative that will go into effect in June.  I have around 5 years to retire but if things do not change soon I'll be moving somewhere that will be cheaper to live.

David (Dry Gulch & Western)

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Well Gary, all I can say is I bet the taxes are a relief my friend..!  Cuz NY is just about as fiscally looney as California.     
  So the question remains...  Am I the only John Allen faithful in New England?   


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I'm originally from Long Island, NY, but now in Arkansas


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