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Bob Friddle

Wow, yet another rocker, I just love this! You guys will appreciate this story: My Gibson hollow bodied electric was involved in a freak accident, shearing the neck at the dovetail joint, which I was subsequently told was not glued properly. The young guy I had fix it in my college years said he had been reading in a guitar player magazine that Frank Zappa bought one of Jimi Hendrix’ guitars and took it apart to see if there was some magic inside. He found a classical guitar pick up embedded at the top of the neck, which Jimmy was using to enhance the fretboard sounds, and this young man offered to embed a similar ‘el gato’ pick up for me, so of course I said why not? I also had a Sears Silvertone double 12 tube amp that I got with the guitar for $275 from my cash-strapped roommate in 1977. I have since traded The  Silvertone for a similar vintage Gibson 4×8 tube amp.


Bob Friddle

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Well now Jeff, You Too... ? We have opened quite the can'o worms
here.... ! Armpit yellow... LOL Love it.! Totally have to rename one
of my Floquil bottles for this! Take some Armour Yellow.. add some white
and then some brown and just a touch of whatever is on the floor....and
then heat the job it until it cracks and whallahh...!

I swear there is Nothing cooler than an aged guitar brotha. And If you
still have one from your youth then you totally got one there... I cringe
knowing the guitars I had and sold but that was my life... I worked
construction for many years in my youth so I had months of feast and months
of famine so valuable items came and went.

Still have my old 12 string Deacon.... Here's a photo of me playing it...
that guitar was set up by the ovation factory and was Jim Massena's guitar
for a short time. I used to own the actual guitar the designer had as
well. It had the most beautiful burwood pickguard and his own version of
in and out of phase toggle switches for the most unique sounds I have ever
heard from a guitar. This guitar I owned was "THE FIRST" solid body guitar
to ever use Powered Pickups! THis man designed them.. it takes 2 9 volt
batteries and in my book these Deacons 12 strings outperform any of the
Famous Rickenbacker 12's.. I know I have owned both. This neck works well
for my larger hands as well..

First of" guitar was sold to a collector in Australia, I got it directly
from the widow of the man who worked for Ovation and did all their
electronics design work. (20 years ago. I am embarrassed that I can not
remember his name now) . THis conversation I had on an old OVation Guitar
Forum led me to do some nice custom wood carvings on a bridge and a truss
rod cover for one of the members of Paul McCartney's "Wings" band...
Anyway that is one shortened version of one guitar story and if we go down
that road I am sure we all have some great tales to tell of ownership of
one instrument or another. Guitars have something that electronic
instruments lack. Even the transistor or digital amps of today can never
compare to the Tubes or the spinning Leslies of the past.... (owned the
coolest B-3 Chop with Dual 122's as well BTW) It is that character and
an almost living, breathing, feeling these old instruments give.
It is the same thing when comparing Steam Engines to Diesel...

Now how's that for tying this conversation into the parameters of this

Randy '

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> Music? Me too, looks like a trend. Last band was an original power-pop
> outfit, gigged ~85-90 around Philly. Many before that.
> Axes:
> 75 hardtail Strat, Olympic white, now armpit-yellow (got it at age 16)
> 77 hardtail Strat, chocolate translucent (bought in 85 as a backup when
> gigging)
> 78 Les Paul Deluxe, black
> 00 Les Paul Special, cinnamon
> 78 P-bass, white
> 02 Japanese Fender Mustang reissue, candy apple red with "racing stripe"
> 02 Ovation "Applause" cheapie acoustic
> Amps:
> 1970 Ampeg V-4
> 1985 Ampeg V-5
> 1985 Marshall JCM-800
> 197? Acoustic B220 Bass amp
> 196? Montgomery-Wards Airline (Fender Deluxe clone without reverb)
> Jeff

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