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Bob Friddle

Glad you enjoyed it, Randy, I forgot to mention that my teacher’s mike was off for the second verse. I love Neil Young as well, Eric Clapton, the Doobie Brothers, Elton John, James Taylor, the Eagles And I play a lot of their songs. Working on Cream’s ‘Badge’ now, it’s a lot harder but I am making  good progress.
Great stuff, Russ, I hope you get your show! It’s great to learn that other modelers have talents and interests beyond model railroading. I’m sure you have all seen Rod Stewart’s layout in MR, Where he said he was prouder to be than on the cover of Rolling Stone.
OK, a nice detour but I will be happy to get back to the John Allen discussion, and Randy I don’t know how you get anything done with all the writing you do, you must be retired But it’s still quite impressive how quickly you are working!


Bob Friddle

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Bob I am totally a neil young fan, lots of old CSN, any of the acoustic rock genre..Rock and Roll Woman from Buffalo Springfield and so many great classic tunes..    The solo act is far different from the prog shows for sure.   Wow the site lit up with guy's who play.....   There must be a creativity connection or something involved.   

Nice Job on Melissa....  Another classic...   gotta Love it brotha..  !  Back when music was music..  and Trains were run on DC....!      

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