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Bob Friddle

Oh boy, how fun is that!? Tele, Fender acoustic and Gibson ES 135 1964 hollow body electric here. Train kept arolling all night long! 
Bob friddle 

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Are you kidding me!  You too?  Another Strat lover. There seems to be a common thread here.  Not just bridge bridges,  but guitar bridges.  
We may have a G&D Tribute Rock band on our hands.  The Bridge Brothers or Rail Benders.  At least another excuse to enjoy the interchange.
OK, everybody out of the closet.  How many ex-rockers or guitar Wannabes? are G&D followers?  I confess, I own more guitars than brass engines (ever). I know Russel is a guitarist/vocalist.  I suspect several several others have had more than trains in their garage at one time or another. Any confessions?  The Music/Art/Model Railroad gene seems to be on the same chromosome.  All my closest model RR buddies have been/are musicians.  

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Dave, as you can tell by our crowing both Randy and I are having the time of our lives. Haven't had s much fun since I got my first Fender Stratocaster in 1973. Although I learned to play that dream didn't pan out and I'm glad it didn't. Looks like this G&D dream is gonna happen. I have a pic of a temporary mirror at the Great Divide yard in the Gorre Northern album. Looks like the Cold Shoulder mirror will work and maybe Andrews. I don't have much of a Devil's Gulch on my pike but maybe a large mirror would work behind the corner curves that preceed my French Gulch...I'll take a look at that. I am now working in the high line above Port and the sweeping curve behind the roundhouse and then down over the yard to connect to the line from Angels Camp. Boyd

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