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Bob Friddle

I did get a chuckle Randy. Just got a madcap idea: since your train room is above the garage, you can use mirrors and a periscope for your expand-a-lot! I’m sure you won’t mind painting your cars different colors on each side…



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Well that got crickets.   LOL      


    Anyway lots of benchwork photos to come now, I have jumped in head first and am going for it... please kick back and enjoy the shots.  It's just benchwork so I don't want to bore you all to death with these photos but as Gorre and other areas begin to go in, and as I get enough plywood and homasote down I will try and stage a few shots to see if they compare to John's.  That will be more fun to see.  

    Right now I'm just roughing in all the elevations around port and establishing the docks and bridges and etc.  so far the entire frame material consists of old T 1-11 ply and scrap 2x4s cut down and ripped into legs.  I have enough of this old stuff to complete the entire frame.   





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Perhaps a dropping platform for unruly guests?    I will have to give that some thought as this group seems to have its share of questionable characters.  




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Randy I thought the floor looked that way too....guess it's an optical illusion. Thought maybe you had thought up some new innovation to spring on us!

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