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I’ve thought about this flooring a bit as well. Looks like you have a plywood (or maybe even OSB?) floor on joists. With a garage space below, these will fex a lot with humidity and temperature changes and Epoxy coatings are very inflexible so would have to be isolated with a plastic sheet - a lot of trouble for the effect you need. I would look to seamless sheet vinyl flooring (they have a chemical weld every six or twelve feet); there are a lot of good colors available and you don’t need much to match John’s (He either didn’t get to improving it or didn’t want to overly distract from the mountains and trains…). Make sure your subfloor is secure at the edges, sand and fill the joints with something strong but pliable, and don’t glue the sheet vinyl near them, so it can stretch and float over them and not telegraph them. If you do get some telegraphing, it shouldn’t be extensive and you can hide it with some “random” painted rapids whitecaps.


My own concrete floor is a fairly thin basement slab that dusts a bit so I’ve put down a good (blue-gray) concrete paint/sealer. When I get time I will go back over it with river bottom paint, darker in the center and lighter near the shores with some rocks painted in. I’ve always thought I can paint some rapids into it with gesso and then gloss it up real good, and just require socks-only foot traffic. I also have a beautiful rustic rock island (actually part of an old tree) to put in it for photos; it won’t be fixed because it would be a tripping hazard for sure! I’m also planning to build the first layer – 6-9 inches - of the mountains out of real rocks from the nearby Mississippi river gorge. This will help protect the plaster mountains from clumsy feet and may even introduce a real fossil or two!


Thanks to all for the memories and lively discussion, it and the layout tours and clinics from last fall’s Narrow Gauge convention here are getting me re-energized in my efforts.


Bob Friddle

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Hmmm quite not sure what your seeing...  the floor is flat and level I painted the walkway on the floor as a way to transfer the layouts outer edge to the valence that follows it around the room from above...  It is just a swath of white paint. It has some old black paint in some areas that may give it a 3D shadow effect as I have changed the footprint slightly in a few places over time...  Added more space to the Gorre peninsula.   That is my tightest squeeze.... . 


    I do want to mimic John's painted concrete floor in the end as I will have scenery right to the floor in the same places.   So eventually I will have to address this floor issue with more of my limited brain power.  


 Masonite is nice and flat if I can hide the seams but foot traffic will always be an issue, so I am thinking of making a dam form on the floor and pouring a floor leveler into the walkway area or even a two part resin like what we use for water effects... It would have to be about an inch think to be durable enough and a slightly flexible mix or product designed for flexibility would save on cracking..... That company Smooth-On I mentioned to you, has these options BTW Tom...  but I have to put more thought into it before addressing it.


  I am framing out the engine facility right now...  It is fun to see something start to look like a layout...!   Photos to follow sometime soon.    






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In your photos, it looks like your aisleway is slightly raised. Am I seeing that correctly?



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