Re: Any Other Known Floor to Ceiling Layouts?

Bob Friddle

Dick Jorgensen here in Minneapolis has a fine layout, the Colorado & Rio Grande Southern, that has floor to ceiling on one end (about half the room) and two shelves on the other. Toured it at the National Narrow Ga Convention


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Many years ago Bill Albertson of Santa Barbara had a section of his layout that was floor to ceiling...
Actually almost 50 years ago!  (Am I that old?) -- I was in my early teens when I saw it the first time at a PCR meet in Santa Barbara... saw it again a few years later (but before I was 18...
John Reynolds


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I have been there (Northlandz), it's about a 40 minute drive for me.


I remember visiting an open house at his home (before he built Northlandz), and as it says in the video it was a sprawling layout through a bunch of basements. It was a total mess. A non-model-rail friend took me. He didn't know any better.


It's been years since my Northlandz visit and I have no plans to ever go back. It's big, alright, but that's the best you can say. It has a very "seedy" look to it; not nearly like you see in the video and website. Goofy bridges and terrain, edges of paper towels sticking out of the scenery that sags between the wood supports, Tracks that are disconnected, buildings just sitting all off kilter, etc.


Maybe it will get some kids interested in model railroading. But to mention it in the same breath as the G&D is blasphemy. Sorry, vent complete.



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