Re: O.T> Missing Posts and such? I got hit by a Train !

Bob Friddle

Reminds me of one of my brother-in-law’s favorite stories –
You know my father was a conductor..
Oh on a train?
Oh, of a symphony then?
No, he was hit by lightning!

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Marc, the Hitler DC fit skit is hilarious..!

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My posts to this Yahoo Group are getting through. Thank you !


Yes, I am for sure and for certain that Yahoo (and not moderators/owners) sometimes eats posts.


With that said.....

I am NOT advocating moving this group from Yahoo to Groups.i.o.


Basically put cause of our extensive documents and database.

And ???

I personally like the Old Timers here on this group who tend to use ....

Desktop Computers in far more lengthy posts rather than the bumper sticker length posts from I-Phones.

Why read War and Peace, when I could get the same result from Cliff Notes?

I challenged my High School Senior English Class, (graduating a year early) for this very reason.

Duh Me? Am I the only one here who actually read the whole damn book?


With that said... a Civil War Group which I also belong too...

Voted to move from Yahoo to Groups.i.o. and voted with Money of $7 each in order to rent storage capacity.....Yes, it would cost money I suspect if we are to get better service (along with data storage) over on Groups.i.o.



With all of the above said...

I have found myself Quitting Yahoo Groups for various reasons.

(too many pop up ads is a primary reason)

Sometimes, I feel it is best for me personally, (and perhaps the group too) to simply keep myself out of some discussions.

I am like a ghost who looks in from time to time...


Over on the N Scale Yahoo Group right now is a discussion on Helping a Newbie in the selection of her first Branded Track.


I own an extensive mostly second-hand inventory of every commercially available as well as Hand Built/Scratch-Built N Scale Track.

After 25 Posts of basic Soap Boxing....
On why I chose this Branded Track....!!!

The discussion came far away from ???

Asking Basic Questions...

Such as ..

Are you intending on running 4 Axle Switchers only or Long Steam (Brass) Locomotives ? How much space do you have for your intended layout ? And how long a train ....

Plus what type of rolling stock do you intend to run?

Are you going DCC with Sound ?

Do you plan on changing out some to all of your wheels so they run effectively over Code 55 rail or perhaps even Code 40 ?


Perhaps....I should throw myself out of some groups?

In order to run longer steam locomotives on Kato Unitrack....I figured out a way to re-create a #6 Turnout into a #9. This began to allow me to run longer drivers, such as on a 4-10-2 Hallmark with DCC and Sound.

Here's the thing....

This particular locomotive does NOT suffer from low driveline torque or lack of lateral play in the drivers....

Want it needs is longer lesser grades along with wider radius and larger numbered better tuned turnouts.


If you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree....- Albert Einstein.

Cause I also own three of these Hallmark models ...Where one has been modified,

Perhaps the very one in the video above.
In fact with such modifications...the locomotive can become confused as it crosses a Turnout. Wagging Drivers is not a solution, neither is wobbling to and fro toy locomotives.


When I went to post these results on the Kato Yahoo Group...

My post was not approved.

I am not going to argue facts which I have proven by repeated testing and a lot of expense.
I Quit. (See the book of illusions by Richard Bach.)


Kato has not nor has ever made a 4-10-2.

===> Kato is a Japanese Domestic Market Item....

Far be it from me to suggest strongly that a radius upwards of 28 inches is needed to run effectively the Hallmark Brass Steam Locomotive above.


In a Japanese Apartment ? Who's judging the fish now?


Had I mentioned all this to a Newbie?

I too would be Off Topic so to speak on which Commercially Branded Out of the Box and Ready Made Track is best.

So kick me out of the local train stores too, which don't carry 28" Kato Radius Track, ESU ECoS DCC Controllers, Body Mounted Couplers, Fox Valley Metal Wheels nor even LokSound Decoders.

And of course Brass Locomotives.

For those, I would need to travel at least 100 miles to away to Silicon Valley; which by the way DOES Carry many of the other items listed above.

:)) Mark

What was missing from the N Scale Yahoo Group Discussion ?

Any mention of Bachmann Track.
LOL...Guess which track, my two within 50 miles of this keyboard Train Stores suggest ?

Iffen you happen to wonder into one of these dens of inequity...and inquire about DCC ?

You might find yourself walking out with a Bachmann EZ Controller.

Bachmann EZ DCC blows Chips ! - Adolf Hitler

I too miss the EsPee.


But you ain't bona-fide...You got hit by a Train !

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