Re: Engine House Articles posted in Photos section

jbuckley96813 <jimbuckley@...>

Pat, we are using about 78% of our available space. I don't know if
folks are using any of the stuff, but delete away if you or anyone
else needs space; I figured go ahead and use what's available, right?

One reason so much space is being used is that the 11 engine house
article images (much appreciated!) are taking up 7.7mb! You have them
sized to about 50 x 70 inches at 46 dpi. I downloaded them, ran them
through Photoshop and resized them to 8 x 10 inches at 150dpi and
saved them at the same jpeg level you did. This brought the total for
all 11 down to about 2.5mb -- one third the space requirement. They
print out very nicely. Thought you should know.

Dinkey Creek & Lone Pine RR

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