Engine House Articles posted in Photos section

Jeffrey L Witt

Hi all,

Due to a recent change in Yahoo policy regarding the free "briefcase"
service, I have moved the engine house article pictures to the
group's Photos area from my "briefcase". I had to compress them (JPEG
level 70), but they still look pretty good.

The new briefcase policy is (besides a pain in the butt):

*Please note: If you are a member of the free Yahoo! Briefcase
service, public access to your uploaded files will no longer be
available. However, you will still be able to share your files with
people with Yahoo! IDs and via email.

If you haven't seen these, they are the original 1948 RMC 3-part
construction series for John's famous engine house, a "must read".

Pat, we are using about 78% of our available space. I don't know if
folks are using any of the stuff, but delete away if you or anyone
else needs space; I figured go ahead and use what's available, right?


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