G&D Dry Transfers are IN STOCK!!!

Jeffrey L Witt

Hi all,

After a quiet month so far for the group, there is good news from
Greg Komar; the dry transfers are in stock and shipping.

For any of you who missed out, you can now order from stock.

See message 102 for ordering information.

I have posted Greg's catalog in the files section as both text and
Excel spreadsheets; he has LOTS of great stuff.

I hope as many of us as possible will patronize Greg as thanks for
helping to keep the G&D alive (and no, I don't get a cut ;) ).

Here is what is available for the G&D:

G&D 320 N $4.95 Gorre & Daphetid - "Generic" Set.
Will Letter Multiple Steam Locomotive, Passenger Car & Caboose.
G&D 320 HO $7.95 White Lettering And Heralds For
Multiple Cars.

G&D 388 O $7.95 Gorre & Dapheted - 1937 AAR 4-ft
Boxcar, Series #5600. White Lettering & Herald On Boxcar Red Car
G&D 388 N $4.95
G&D 388 HO $4.95

Be sure to check out his list in the files section.

Regards and happy modeling,


Here is Greg's e-mail:

Fellow Model Railroaders:

Here's my latest listing of DryTransfers,
attached as a text file and an Excel spreadsheet.
Please note that the prices have increased,
typically $1.00 per set, the first increase in ten years!!

The good news is, the Pennsy H21/H25, and GLa hopper sets are in
The good news is, the Gorre & Daphetid sets are in stock.
They will begin shipping this week.

Let me know if you want to be removed from the list to
receive further updates, or if you received multiple copies.

Respond to: gkomar@...

Thanks for all of your interest and orders of the past....

Greg Komar

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