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Garden Railways In New Zealand (GRINZ - go on, say it!) - is intended to cover all aspects of model railways located (at least partly) outdoors anywhere in New Zealand. Membership will be open to but not be limited to New Zealand residents. The essential qualification is a bona fide interest in the topic that the name suggests. Ownership of a model railway is not a pre-requisite. The group founder lives in Auckland, but the group is not affiliated to any particular club or region or scale. This group is not intended to usurp existing groups, clubs, magazines, newsletters etc.. Its primary intention is to complement and unite what is already in place by providing a private and immediate forum for notifying, sharing, discussing any of the following:
   - modelling techniques;
   - sources, both national and international, of models, materials and services;
   - items for sale and wanted
   - common special interests;
   - informal meetings for running, learning, social purposes;
   - projects undertaken by members, ranging from a whole layout to individual items, whether completed, under way or contemplated
   - etc. of a similar nature

Please note the following policies:

   - the moderators will ensure that this does not become a commercial site;
   - qualifying members may post occasional messages advising products or services that they can provide, and (via the moderator(s)) upload files detailing their offerings but, generally, pricing of goods and services should be indicated by reference to another internet location, with an exception in the case of a one-off second-hand sale (or wanted item);
   - members will not be "pestered" by frequent or forceful messages;
   - members may, and are indeed encouraged, to give information and/or feedback about relevant third party goods and services, and their prices, provided that the member concerned must not be affiliated in any way with the third party, and provided that the list owner, and any moderator or member (apart from the person giving the information)  is not to be held responsible for the information and any consequences of giving it;
   - no fees or commissions will ever be sought or be payable for information uploaded or messages sent.

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