Zoom practice sessions

Michael Hojnowski


Hearing that there are some "Zoom newbies" that might want some extra time, I'm going to schedule a few brief "zoom practice sessions".   I'll list date / times below.  For those more experienced with zoom, I've scheduled the the GPSL meeting to start 1/2 hour early for people to settle in and work out last moment tech issues.   I encourage experienced users to connect a little early, just to kick the tires.

Zoom has some very good help on their website, and if you google "Zoom participant" or "Zoom student" you'll find lots of short, helpful youtube videos.  Here's one from Zoom inc:

Practice sessions (please note, each session has a unique URL):

Monday 6/29. 8pm CDT:

Wednesday 7/1.  8am CDT:

If you are trying to connect and have trouble, feel free to email me privately.  I'll be watching my email.  If needs be, we can chat via phone and talk you through.

I can schedule more practice sessions if requested.

Mike / KD2EAT

Harry M

I plan on trying the practice session tonight, thank you!