Scripts With the Canon Powershot A560


Chuck KG5CA Has been trying to help me here But I'm not having any luck.

I know everyone has gone Go-Pro on Balloons now.
But this Old Canon can still do stuff because of the scripting that the Go-Pro can't.

Plus I have the Canon, and can't afford the Go-Pro anyway.

OK, I had many awesome scripts for this camera. And wanted to set it up to do something for the up-coming eclipse.

But I can not simply get it to run.

OK It is again a Canon Powershot A560

I tried all my old software.Nothing

so went to the CHDK pages downloaded the latest what they got for the A560

And it seems to go into the camera just fine.

Now thats one thing. anyone tell me the correct steps to get to the list of scripts.

I have been randomly pressing who knows what buttons till it shows up.

So what is the correct sequence to get to the scripts list?

OK I'm in the list of scripts, I can highlight the one I want to use.

But have yet to figure out how to actually select it, or make it run.

What do I do?


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