Long-range forecasts

Mark Conner <n9xtn@...>

The long-range forecasts for the 6th fall into one of two categories so

1) The high-pressure ridge at 500mb and above is right on top of
Kansas or a little to the east. This makes for southerly winds at the
surface with plenty of Gulf moisture and heat. The upper winds are
very light, making the landing somewhere within a 10-15 mile circle of
the launch site.

This isn't so good as there is a large reservoir to the north of the
launch site, one to the west, and Fort Riley in between. If we land NE-
SE-S of the launch site, we're OK.

2) The ridge shifts westward a bit. This puts the surface high right
over Kansas, making the winds light or northeasterly at the surface.
Aloft, the winds are from the west or northwest at 20-30 knots.

This scenario gives us more pleasant weather (high 80s with drier air
instead of 90s and humid) and a landing about 30 miles to the east or
southeast. This in general puts us in a more favorable area for a

So far, none of the predictions have indicated a chase >40 miles, so we
may be able to stick around after launch for up to an hour and
entertain questions, etc.

73 de Mark N9XTN