Hydrogen safety ignition of full sized hydrogen weather balloon

Bill Brown

This was a test done by a student balloon group from Portland State Univ showing what would happen to a weather balloon of the kind we normally fly. But they ignited it with thermite I believe. I think it would take a lot to actual get one to ignite under safe and normal filling procedures short of sticking a lit cigarette into the balloon.

- Bill WB8ELK

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Same goes for these first? :-)

- Bill WB8ELK

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It's probably a case of not having a password, which is
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Here's a sample of wording that mentions that situation:  
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You probably know all of this, but I'm saying it for the benefit of others
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That's Interesting.

How can you not be a member and be reading these e mails?



A Cigarette is not hot enough to ignite Hydrogen. You need a spark to get to the ignition temperature. So you can smoke while filling :) If the air is very dry, one needs to do precautions about the static electricity, that might be generated. So you need grounding wires and anti static wristbands...


Never heard about anti static wrist bands. Thanks.