Helium and Don's Help

pverhage1960 <paul.verhage@...>

Don, I'll check my cell phone when I get home. Please leave a phone
number and I'll call you tonight. Let's plan on Wednesday to get the

I'll need a specific location that we'll launch from. I can't store
the helium at my folks place. Where ever we launch from, we need to
be able to store helium there, or someone needs to be able to carry
all 9 tanks until then. One possibility is to hand tanks of helium to
each team at the symposium, or possibly have us all pick up our tanks
that day from Linweld (time constraints here).

You'd think these tanks would be lighter with all that helium in

This still leaves the issue of how I'm going to get the tanks back to
Linweld on Monday. Linweld is open until noon on Saturday, perhaps we
can have someone haul tanks after the launch.