Heartfelt Gratitude

Marty Griffin

Hello GPSL Friends,

This is a nice note of gratitude for Edge of Space Sciences (EOSS) support for two flights Saturday, November 8, 2020 (  This is message serves as a reminder that if you would like your balloon program to grow, you might be well-advised to contact your state’s NASA Space Grant associated with one of your local universities.  Your help and expertise will be appreciated.  The Colorado Space Grant has been our partner for 20 years, helping to support and fund important curriculum-based learning for engineering students at 11 higher education schools across Colorado.  Through several of your Space Grant schools, you may enjoy the fun of inspiring students to pursue exciting engineering fields/careers as well as funding for balloons and gas.  I am sure that Bernadette Garcia (Colorado Space Grant Deputy Director) can help point your group in the right direction.

Hope this idea  helps grow your program.

  • Marty, EOSS, WA0GEH


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Subject: Heartfelt Gratitude


Hi EOSS friends,


Please share this email with the entire team who helped on Saturday (and leading up to Saturday).


Wanted to express huge thanks to the EOSS team that made Saturday's launch possible.


Student excitement was high and everything ran so smoothly.


Our new staff member, Mareyna, was there.  She came to us from being a grad student working with Idaho Space Grant, where she launched balloons & payloads for 2 years.  There - students actually have to do the launching/tracking/recovery all on their own (with training).  Both she and her partner (who was also a student with her) were amazed at the incredible organization and support that enables CO Space Grant to focus on student payloads and experiences.


This was the first time we ever launched a string with "no students" attached - 20 payloads, but none of the students (from CU and Western Colorado University) were allowed to participate because of COVID directions from the campuses.  All of these students built payloads from the "kits" with online instructions.  They were able to participate during the day - watching live stream at the launch site & then tracking the flight on  They'll be picking up payloads today (shipping to WCU this afternoon) and then will be creating final reports of one kind or another.


Y'all enable us to continue our balloon payload program and to innovate and continue to develop programs as need and interest directs.


Thank you for your part in our pilot semester of the kits/online approach.  As long as there is interest at COSGC institutions across the state and with students in the CU Space Minor, it appears that the program will be moving forward for the foreseeable future - with many lessons learned this semester.  And of course DemoSat is still going strong - heading toward a 20 year anniversary before too many more months.


I hope the end of 2020 is filled with abundance, health, and well-being for you and yours.


See you next year!


with heartfelt gratitude,