Frequency Coordination Format


One o more item needs to be added to the frequency coordination
form. Please add if you can change frequencies and how easy.
This won't be a problem for APRS, as we'll use the same
frequency. But repeaters and ATVer's can't use the same
frequency. We won't ask someone to change frequencies if their
transmitter is crystal controlled and can't be changed in time.

So the format looks like this....

Name Mode Power Frequency Changeable?

Options for Changeable are

Yes (as in having an HT with a tuning knob)
Some (as in using a crystal that you can reasonably switch out)
Not on your life (there's no realistic way to change your frequency
in the time allotted)



Name Mode Power Frequency Changeable?
TVNSP Packet 340 mW 144.34 yes



ANSR - Arizona Near Space Research

Frequency Summary
Name Mode Power Frequency Changeable?
KD7LMO-11 APRS 500mW 445.950 MHz Synthesized 420-450
KD7LMO-11 Repeater In --- 145.560 MHz Synthesized 144-148
KD7LMO-11 Repeater Out 5W 445.525 MHz Synthesized 430-450MHz

Payload Packages
KD7LMO-11, APRS Beacon
$GPGGA, $GPRMC, and plain text status '>' sent via GATE,WIDE3-3
Alternating every 30 seconds, no carrier detect/DCD
445.950 MHz, synthesized 420-450MHz

KD7LMO-11, Cross band repeater, remote commanding (cut down),
flight data recorder, telemetry, redundant APRS
In: 145.560 MHz w/162.2 Hz PL tone, synthesized 144-148MHz
Out: 445.525 MHz (5 watts), synthesized 430-450MHz

Rev. 13 May 2002