Frequency coordination

Mark Conner <n9xtn@...>

Hi everybody,

It's been a busy few weeks, and it's not getting any better for
me. In addition to the GPSL, I have a design review for a
software project next week, we are doing some minor renovation,
painting, and installing new floor and carpet in the house in
June, and two weeks after the GPSL I'll be getting married.

I think we are gravitating towards the use of 144.34 MHz for
primary APRS use for all payloads that will support it. I have
been told that it's also used for FM simplex for ATV DX
coordination, but most balloon groups use it for non-.39 work.
ANSR uses 70cm for downlinks, so they'll be the exception.
Backup beacons can use 144.39 MHz if desired, keeping in mind
that you should keep the rate down (1x/minute or less) so we
don't hog the channel.

We have used 147.585 MHz for SSTV in the past in case anyone
plans to fly that mode. A simplex repeater can use 446.300 MHz
which appears to be pretty clear in this area.

I believe we have frequency information for ANSR, TVNSP, KD0FW,
and NSTAR, though not yet compiled in one place. I would like to
get info from EOSS, WB8ELK, HABITAT/SkyLab, and Traveler. I
don't think we have reps from Traveler and EOSS on the GPSL list,
so I'll see about getting them to come up on the net here. If
you've posted your info elsewhere, please copy it here to the
GPSL list so we have it archived. See for an
example. You can either post it or upload it to the files area.

73 de Mark N9XTN
Mark D. Conner
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