Experience with Beitian BN-220 GPS with HABs?

Michael Hojnowski

Hey Gang,

Does anyone have experience flying a Beitian BN-220 GPS with a HAB? I use them routinely for RC Airplanes and drones.  They're quite inexpensive from Banggood.   I >think< I flew one on a HAB a while back, but I honestly can't remember.  I've flown and parted-out several payloads in the last few years.  The (very minimal) manual doesn't make note of any issues I can see.  It's rated to 50km altitude, and 515m/s velocity (which by my calculator is an absurd 1854kph).  They don't make any note of flight vs pedestrian mode like the ublox.    I figured I'd ask around for any experiences before finding something out the hard way.  I suggested it to a student group, and don't want them to have a problem.

Thanks for any info,
Mike / KD2EAT