BASE 114 Successful- BASE 115 tomorrow


BASE 114 showed a successful cutaway at the predicted altitude of 15 km.  Easy recovery in a soybean field adjacent to the property owner's home.  He was amazed that we had tracked the descent  into his field and my students walked directly to the payload.

BASE 115 will fly on Saturday, July 30 from the roof of the Julian Science and Mathematics Center at DePauw.  It will be a tandem 600 gram set of Kaymont balloons using hydrogen.  Initial ascent will be around 5 m/s (1000 ft/min) with a transition at 15 km (50,000 feet) to a rate between 1.5 and 2 m/s (300-400 ft/min) to burst around 30 km (98,000 feet).  

Ascent rate may be tweaked in the morning before launch to increase the likelihood of avoiding heavily wooded areas.

Thanks for the support,

Howard L. Brooks
Professor of Physics and Astronomy
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DePauw University
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stan siems

Is any one using the lite aprs tracker I am having problems with erratic transmission times


Stan Siems



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