Approval to use Herington airport for launch

Mark Conner <n9xtn@...>

Received the following from Don KA0JLF (HABITAT/SkyLab):

I just talked to Harold about the Herrington Airport. We can use
it if we want.
Unfortunately the hanger available is not all that big. The
ceiling is about 12' and
the door is 10' high. Does this seem workable? He also said we
could use the areas
around the runway.

It holds 3 planes, two spaces are empty and will be available to
us as long as no
planes come in that need the space. This would be if there were a
storm or
something. Possibly the 3rd plane will be out too, unknown at
this time.

I told him, Paul and I might run down to check it out after we
get the helium taken
care of Wednesday.

Don is planning to take digital pics on Wednesday so we can see
what it's like at the symposium.

Here are some links showing the airport's location:

73 de Mark N9XTN