Your experiences in buying helium in the era of increased scarcity; hydrogen buying hassles, too

Hank Riley


Thanks for mentioning about difficulty buying hydrogen because that's an issue that would be worth hearing about as well as the helium thing.  I had just heard from Bill B. that there has been some resistance about selling hydrogen to hobby buyers as well as the helium grief.

Generally it's been said that the local welding supply places are less rigid about amateurs purchasing either helium or hydrogen, but even they are raising various objections and Tom M. has found a bunch of the locals in the Cincinnati area are just refusing to sell any helium, period.  One of the stories he's heard is that the price of helium has been volatile and the locals don't want to get stuck having some stock and be forced to sell at a loss (or not have as much profit) if the price drops enough compared to what they paid.


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Ironically, Airgas won't sell me hydrogen.  But another, less convenient supplier will.

Hank Riley

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I did mot know of the adapter 3 years ago so we bought a whole set with regulator and everything. 

Thanks for the link. 


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I almost included the Amazon link for the adapter before.  Here it is: