GPSL 2020 - it's today!

Mark Conner N9XTN

The twentieth Great Plains Super Launch (Coronavirus edition) is about to begin!

Here's our latest speakers list, along with links to YouTube videos they'll be presenting.  Plan to have the link ready in a browser window and when the speaker gives the signal, press play.  

Steve G8KHW has pre-recorded his entire presentation, but will take questions by chat or verbally at the end.

All speakers should ask for questions at the end in case some are connecting by audio only.  However, if you're able, audience members should ask questions by chat.  

73 de Mark N9XTN
GPSL 2020 Coordinator

PresenterSubjectTimeStart CDTEnd CDT
Pre-symposium Zoom testing308:309:00
Jayant MurthyExperience in scientific ballooning in India459:1510:00
Steve Randall G8KHWARHAB in the UK4510:0010:45
Paul Verhage KD4STHSilicon radiation detectors3011:0011:30
Joanne Michael KM6BWBCross-country balloon race4511:3012:15
Bill Brown WB8ELKPico Ballooning Techniques & Hardware4513:0013:45
Jeff Ducklow N0NQNDe-spun camera platform using Arduino4513:4514:30
Mark Patton KC0DADS-B payload for EOSS3014:3015:00
Mark Conner N9XTNNWS radiosonde chasing3015:1515:45
Mike Hojnowski KD2EATLivestreaming video from balloon3015:4516:15


Hey, guys!
Thanks for organising the Great Planet Super Launch 2020! :) Wonderful job! 
Never thought I would participate in GPSL, since it is taking place sooo far away, but this year’s online symposium made it possible and it was great. “Modern problems require modern solutions”, you know.
Thanks to all the presenters for interesting topics, lots of great ideas! I’ve been pondering about reaction wheels for a while now, but never thought about using a rudder for pointing, and I want to build that simple particle detector now, I didn’t know about TTN, and “oh, wow!” that livestreamed balloon burst. Thanks to the audience for the follow-up discussions as well, enjoyed the talks!
I missed the start of Jayant’s presentation, so will eagerly wait for the recordings to be published later.
Thank you all and stay safe!
Kristaps YL3AJN / x-f