Symposium on Zoom for GPSL 2020

Mark Conner N9XTN

GPSL 2020,

Thanks to Mike KD2EAT, we have access to an enterprise-level Zoom account with the ability to record and export video.  Jim Emmert has volunteered to edit the recordings into individual presentations and put them up on YouTube.  We should be able to host a few hundred participants.  Our going-in plan is to mute everyone on arrival, and all but the host and speaker during the presentations.

My (somewhat limited) experience with large online meetings has been that asking questions in a chat window is more effective than by voice.  The speaker can choose to take the question during the session, or hold it until the end.  Keeping everyone muted will avoid the accidental open mike during a presentation, which can be really annoying for everyone.

Video sharing may be an issue - the quality of the video shared through Zoom is not the best, certainly lower quality than viewing it on YouTube.  I think the way to go might be to upload the video to YouTube, then provide the URL in your presentation and count everyone down to hit the "play" button.  Mike and I are going to do some experiments to see what works best.

In a subsequent announcement, we will open free on-line registration through the website.  We'll provide the Zoom URL off-list to registered participants only to minimize Zoom-bombing (but we'll also be able to block if necessary).  

I believe I have four presentations on the schedule now, still looking for more.  You can contact me directly to volunteer.  It's not hard, and does not have to involve a lot of preparation.  Walking through some cool photos, a demo of your payload, or showing a neat video is great.

For Saturday, I am thinking about having a relatively open meeting format starting pre-launch and continuing through recovery.  It would have to pretty unmoderated, unless someone who's not flying would like to volunteer.  I don't know how well everyone can share from their phones or chase laptops, but it might be fun for people to kind of scan around to different chase teams.  

After recovery, we could either have unscheduled open mike sharing through the afternoon, or a set time in the evening for everyone to get home, do a quick review of their photos/video, and make a short presentation.  

If you have suggestions or ideas for GPSL 2020, let me know.  While we can't meet in person, having this be a virtual session opens up a lot of other possibilities, especially for presentations from people who might not normally be able to participate in a GPSL.  

73 de Mark N9XTN