2019 GPSL Revised Tour Info

Mike, n0mpm

A few notes on getting to our Thursday tours. 
REMINDER FOR BOTH TOURS:  Long pants and closed toe shoes are required. 
See the attached Map...

Lely Tour:  Meet at the Parking lot at 9:15am.
Parking is very limited at Lely.  We will park just a tad SW of the Lely facility and hoof it over to the office/plant.  Follow the RED line into the far north-east parking area.  Enter at GATE 7.  You will be going past active manufacturing traffic, so be extremely careful and on the look out for forklifts etc.  This is not normal, but with last year's tornado things are really congested. 
The two buildings shaded in pink are no longer standing.  Don't get confused when you drive by on the way to Lely.

Vermeer Tour:  Meet in the Parking lot at 1:15pm.
You will follow the light blue line into the parking area for Plant 4.  Enter at GATE 4.  Just look for an open space as we will be sharing parking with employees.  Again, be very careful in the parking lots.