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What are ya using for a tranny?


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On 12/4/2017 10:16 AM, Michael Hojnowski kd2eat@... [GPSL] wrote:

Funny you should mention GPS.  Ya, that was causing me problems as I tested my payload.  I wired up an on-screen display module, with the intent to overlay Lat / Long / Altitude data on the picture.  It works great with a low power transmitter.  When I put my "big" transmitter on there, the GPS wouldn't get a lock.  I need to rethink my payload setup and get the GPS module away from the transmit antenna, and maybe think about some shielding.  Between that, and being hesitant about the expense in the event of a lost payload, that's when I set it all aside.

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On 12/4/2017 11:05 AM, Joe wrote:
ATV flights is the heart of all this ballooning stuff! It's mostly all we did way back in the beginning what 30 years ago now, UG! I've been doing these things for 30 years!?

ATV is TOUGH tho to do good. People are sooo used to the new TV where pictures are always PERFECT. an ATV from a Balloon will NEVER be perfect. Even right after liftoff when the payload is only 100 yards away. Multipath can rip the signal to shreds even tho it's incredibly strong!

I would do a Video flight of your own before doing a public one so you can see what your results would be.

The biggest recv antenna ya can get is a MUST as well as a high gain low noise preamp. AT THE ANTENNA

There is a REASON TV stations run megawatts!

Also if you plan on using a GPS system. Place it in a totally separate from the ATV transmitter, from 50+ flights with GPS's onboard, the only times we had ANY trouble with a GPS, is when we were running an ATV transmitter. separating them cured that issue.


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Does anyone fly amateur television anymore? What about digital? It seems to me that digital requires a PC and that's not practical on a balloon flight. Thanks

I've had the gear for about 2 years.  I just haven't gotten 'round to it, as it's a significant investment in the payload.  I launched a HAB from a local hamfest last year, and sparked a lot of interest in balloons. I may talk to the hamfest organizers about launching an ATV flight next year.  It might be fun if they had a ground station at the fest that could monitor the flight after launch.


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On 12/4/2017 11:23 AM, Joe wrote:
What are ya using for a tranny?

Videolynx VM-70X 5 watt transmiter.