Forecast update for GPSL

Mark Conner N9XTN

It seems the idea of pushing a strong cold front through the area next Friday has pretty well gone away.  There will be a relatively weak front to the south, but temps north of the front will be near 90 instead of the mid 90s present to the south.  Should be a little less humid too.

Aloft, a mid-continent ridge begins to build on Saturday.  How fast that comes in will dictate our tracks - it it comes in 12-24 hours sooner, we'll have very short flight distances.  At the moment, our flights would go 15-20 miles to the southwest.  Short tracks might preclude the use of the Hutchinson airport, as any distance west lands us in town.  

Still lots of variation, but I think the upper-air pattern will begin to settle into an answer in a couple of days.

73 de Mark N9XTN