GPSL cancellation

Bill Brown

Sorry to hear about that Jack,

I was looking forward to seeing you again....guess I'll just have to make
the trip to hot hot dry dry Arizona from hot hot muggy muggy Alabama!!!

I'll try to send a balloon your way this Summer special delivery balloon

73s de Bill WB8ELK

aa0p <aa0p@...>

I am sorry, but an emergency reschedule at work has caused me to
cancel my particpation at GPSL 2002. As this project is of National
need, I will not be able to attend your fine symposium. I will
however, endeaver to get our ANSR video up to the EOSS team and I
hope it will tell our story here in dry, dry, dry, hot, hot, Arizona.
I will also write a tribute to Bill Brown from my early memories of
his projects and the inspriration he provided to us in Colorado and
that we still feel in Arizona. Sorry for the cancellation.

73 de AA0P

K. Mark Caviezel

Shucks, Jack, sorry to hear the news.

I had been thinking about lofting a low altitude
floater from Denver to Manhattan, but the critical
mass for that project just hasn't formed, and indeed I
will be out of the country July 5th and onwards.

If any of the GPSL participant groups want to try
their hand at a modest sized zero pressure
polyethelene floater, just let me know. I'd be happy
to provide a bag for the GPSL event. Check photos
from EOSS 55 mission archieves to see one of my home
built bags in action.


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