Got Helium?


Here's the list of people I have wanting helium. If you're name
doesn't appear and you want helium, please let me know ASAP.
I'll check email on Friday and update my list. If you get this
message after Friday, please leave a message on my cell phone
(208) 631-7162.

Mark Conner
Bill Brown
Zack Clobes
Mike Bogard

Helium is $45 a tank, payable during the symposium. I plan to
drop the tanks off at the Johnson Near Space Center on the 2nd of
July. I'll pick up an extra tank. I'm assuming everyone wants just
one tank. The tanks hold something like 240 cu ft of helium, so I've
had to use part of a second tank to launch a 12 pound capsule.
With the extra tank, we'll have 6 tanks, the minimum needed fo the
$45 price. I'd like to see if I can talk someone into getting a
second tank as a backup. I'll have all tanks gauged before leaving
Linweld, just to make darn sure we don't get an empty tank.

I still need to line up help moving helium tanks, Linweld will not
deliver tanks at this price.


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