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Gene Harlan <atvq@...>

Ralph & all,

I really wanted to come to GPSL, visit and write an article for Amateur
Television Quarterly, but it just is not going to happen. A couple of

Is there someone that would be willing to cover the event with a write-up
and photos?

Will any of the forums be videotaped, and if so can copies be purchased?

All the best to those that are going. I know you will all have fun.

Gene Harlan - WB9MMM
Harlan Technologies - publisher of
OSCAR Satellite Report -
Amateur Television Quarterly -

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Publicity requests are going out this weekend. Please review payload
details near the top of
and forward additions/corrections/deletions to me ASAP.


Total time for presentations, 9am-noon and 1-5pm, will be 7-hours. We
have 8 presentations and need a few minutes of break time in between.
on having 45-minutes per presentation including discussion and questions.
The first slot will be opening remarks and short ~5-minute program
discussions, e.g., ANSR, EOSS, et al.


Paul collected A/V support requirements but did not confirm availability
equipment before leaving for an extended trip to the southwest. As I
prepare my discussion it occurs to me that support for Power Point, a PC
projector, has not been confirmed. Just in case, I will be ready with a
Power Point file and overhead transparencies. Perhaps someone as access to
laptop and projector that can be brought to GPSL so we can depend on
Power Point capabilities.(?)

TNX es 73 de Ralph Wallio, W0RPK
Documentation is an essential part of the system

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