Frequency Coordination


Packet, ATV, and Repeaters, Oh My!

It looks like we're going to have more transmissions coming out of
Manhattan on 6 July than NSA HQ. To prevent near space
capsules from stepping on each other, we'll start a table of
frequencies, powers, times, and modes.

I'll need a coordinator to keep track of this. Mark, can you do that?
All communications about this topic are to be sent to the list.
Once the table is put together, it will go out to subscribers for their
review. Please don't make comments about selected frequencies
until after the final table it put together and emailed. After that,
please look them over and look for potential problems.

To all program managers,
Please email current transmission information to in this format.

Subject line for email: Frequency Plan

Please organize the text of your message as follows.

Program or capsule name
Mode Power Frequency Time

For example,

Packet 340mW 144.390 0, 15, 30, and 45 seconds

If you're flying a dual-band repeater, please post both frequencies
and indicate which is the uplink and downlink frequency.

In Manhattan, there's not a lot of APRS traffic. Unfortunately, not
long after we launch, we'll run into traffic from KC. In KC there's
lots of APRS traffic. So GPSL will move off the standard APRS
frequency (144.390). Mark suggested a frequency, but I managed
to lose it. I'll get back with you on the proper APRS frequency.

Chase Frequencies
At the launch site and for what I think will be most of the chase,
we'll use the Manhattan repeater. If we get close to Topeka or
Lawrence, we'll switch to one of their repeaters. A near space
repeater will be avaiable during the chase. We may go to simplex
during portions of the recovery. I'll post the Topeka and Lawrence
frequencies shortly. For simplex, I'd like select a 2m and 440
frequency that are easy to remember, perhaps the call-in
frequencies. Those too will be posted shortly.


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