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Keith Sproul <ksproul@...>

Thanks for the info..

The web site told me what I needed.. It is at K-State.. My father went
there.. My grandparents live in Clay Center.. I am going to fly to KC,
get a car, and go visit my grandparents for the 4th, then go to Manhattan
for the conf and launch.. Since it is close enough, I will stay with my
grandparents and save on the hotel bill. I know the area much better than
you would expect for someone from New Jersey....

Also, what is JNSC and where exactly is the launch from???


On Sat, 1 Jun 2002, Mark Conner wrote:

Hi Keith,

The symposium is scheduled for Friday, July 5th starting at 9am
and lasting most of the day. The launch will be Saturday the 6th
with a rain date of Sunday the 7th.

I believe both Manhattan and Topeka have limited air service, but
it's probably expensive. It's probably more cost-effective to
travel to Kansas City (MCI) and drive a rental car the 120 miles
(2 hrs) from the airport to Manhattan.

Your return date depends on how sure you want to be of seeing the
launches. If you go back Sunday afternoon, you could chase with
us on Saturday if we get off the ground, or if it ends up being
on Sunday you'd at least see the launch.

73 de Mark N9XTN

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Can someone tell me where and when the events are for the July
weekend? I am making my travel plans etc..

Keith Sproul

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