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Don Pfister <ka0jlf@...>

After my forgetfullness, I did contact J.R. again yesterday - thanks to kd0fw
reminding me. He was going to check and see how many copies he had and send me upto
24. He was going to call me back but I didn't get a call or message.

I will follow up on this. I will mail copies to those of you that have told me you
wanted one (or more). I hope to mail copies out next week.

I found out they are $1 each plus postage. They charge the price of the paper ($1 an
issue) even for the tear sheets. To avoid the additional postage/shipping I just got
tear sheets.

More later, let me know if you have any questions. Oh, Mark in answer to your
question yes that is the paper but the area code changed to 785 like Doug said.

IF this list isn't everyone, please pass this on to your groups or lists.


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Don Pfister wrote:

I talked to J.R. he said they ran an article with 3 photos. He wants to know how
many copies we want and where to send them to. I told him I thought tear sheets
were ok, not the whole issue, is that right?

How do you want to do this? You want them sent to me and then I will send them
to you or should we just have them mail them out. I didn't ask about cost yet, I
thought until we could answer how many, the cost wouldn't matter much. I'm
afraid a qty would make a difference.

Let me know,

Doug Eubanks wrote:

J.R. Sparke785-258-2211

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Anyone remember his name from the reporter? I'll give them a call.

Mark Conner wrote:

> Our media coverage for GPSL consisted of the local (weekly?) newspaper
> coming out that morning. I found on Google a listing for the following
> paper:
> HERINGTON TIMES 7 N BROADWAY HERINGTON, KS 67449-2401 913-258-2211

> If no one's already arranged for this, I'd like to call them and get a
> few copies. Don, is this the correct paper?
> - Mark

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