Re: Frequency Coordination

ka0jlf <ka0jlf@...>

--- In GPSL@y..., "Mark Conner" <n9xtn@c...> wrote:
I can keep track of the various modes, frequencies, etc.
Do I understand this exchange to mean we are not going to keep the
info on the groups page?

I have been waiting to see what was being used before I decided.
However, it does not look like all of us can view it as a

I think sharing the info would be good, isn't that why this group was
created? What if we keep it in the files area or create a Database?

I have not created or used a Database in Yahoo Groups, this may not
be a good idea. However, I would be will to give it a try. Input from
the rest of you?


I will go back to being silent.

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