GPSL 2002... GPSL 2003

K. Mark Caviezel

just now getting back on email after three weeks at
remote arctic outpost... congrats to all, looks like
it was a 100% super event!
As far as next year, Colorado is good, Kansas is good,
heck about anywhere is good. I was planning to
participate in GPSL 2002, but got opportunity to go to
the summer season of the Mars Society arctic research
station so I had to opt out. Maybe I could get some
Mars Society people to put up a balloon from the Devon
Island simultaneous with the main event.... with the
24 hour polar sunshine perhaps a floater could hang
around quite a while as they do at the south pole.
ahhh, just thoughts.... congrats again to all who
participated, sorry I had to miss it.

- KMC kc0jhq

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