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Don Pfister <ka0jlf@...>

Yes, I meant to come back to this but have been sidetracked. One of the things I
have tried to do in the past was to capture the GPS data too. Mainly I was
interested in the Satelite data, number, signal strength, 2D/3D fix etc.

One of my main interests is that GPS info. With all the balloons, and the
inability to get my second beacon (GPS payload) running in time for the launch
(later I realized I hooked up the RD instead of the TD line) I didn't fly the
second beacon which would have sent the GPS data on a different band. Oh well
there will be next year for GPSL. And another HABITAT SkyLab flight probably
Aug. 3.

Sorry this was just a running off at the fingers (yet again, been a lot of that
from me lately).


n1ltv wrote:

Paul 26796 87900 (87913)

Paul (revised) 88200 (88163)

Do I think this reporting precision issue is
worthwhile to discuss?


Reporting to a reasonable precision and no more
shows that the investigator is informed and aware
of the shortcomings of his data collection methods.

If this kind of data were ever to make it to an
engineering or scientific publication, the altitude
figures stated down to the foot, at least without
some qualification, would go out the window. They
just wouldn't get by the editor.

I know it's natural to use all the digits if you
have them, but it's not good practice because
the implied precision is bogus.


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