Re: QST Article, first draft

Don Pfister <ka0jlf@...>

Paul, I'm not sure this fits with your idea, where you list the groups and their
balloons, what about adding another column and listing the altitudes? I think I saw a
chart of altitudes early after the flights. Just a thought.

Web sites of interest, did you want to include EOSS?

Just as a point of interest (maybe just of interest to me), my 6M simplex repeater
capsule is the same one that flew in GPSL 2001. It was the same equipment, capsule -
even the batteries I think. ;-) Those that remember, last year, will know this is one
of capsules that were in a free fall for several thousand feet, when the capsules
separated from the parachute. Other than a scratch on the front of the simplex
repeater, there was no damage to this equipment.

Did you purposely leave out callsigns? Just a question.


paul.verhage@... wrote:

Here's the first draft of the GPSL article for QST. Please look it
over for technical or historical errors or omissions. I still plan to
work on grammar, but if you see any glaring errors, please point
those out also.

I'll start putting something together for ATV Quarterly unless I hear
someone else is doing that.


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