Re: QST Article, first draft

Doug Eubanks <ka0o@...>

You only list 9 states represented in your article.  There were actually 11 states.
Your forgot Alabama, WB8ELK, Bill Brown territory, and,
Missouri, home territory to KD0FW, Mike Bogard.
Also, my last name has an "s" on it.  EUBANKS
(Gee this is fun correcting a school teacher!)
Doug, KAØO

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Sent: Monday, July 22, 2002 11:29 AM
Subject: [GPSL] QST Article, first draft

Here's the first draft of the GPSL article for QST.  Please look it
over for technical or historical errors or omissions.  I still plan to
work on grammar, but if you see any glaring errors, please point
those out also.

I'll start putting something together for ATV Quarterly unless I hear
someone else is doing that.


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