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Mark Conner <n9xtn@...>

I think most of us have the *ability* to get to 100,000 ft, but
some of us have not tried very hard on most flights.

The baseline for a 100kft effort, when you're lifting more than
2-3 lbs., is a 1200g balloon. To me, anyone flying less than a
1200g balloon with more than a flyweight payload is not expecting
100kft. For NSTAR, I've flown only 4 1200g balloons in 10
flights (none larger). Three of these four were deliberately
overfilled to decrease the flight distance, which means that I'm
0 for 1 (01-B) in actual attempts at 100kft.

It would be interesting to see the numbers for 1200g-and-larger
balloons flown. I believe everyone at GPSL is planning to use

73 de Mark N9XTN

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It appears we should not be overselling our collective ability
to make it to
100,000ft because it happens less than 1 flight out of 10.

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