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Ralph Wallio, W0RPK <wallio@...>

Paul is doing the vast majority of the work to put GPSL-2002 together so I
will bow deeply to him and accept this motto.

However, we should understand how unusual it is to reach 100,000ft. In the
process of collecting data for discussions about Mean Zonal Winds
( and Ascent Rate Variations
( you folks sent me a lot of
flight data for missions past. For Mean Zonal Winds I accepted mission data
from before and after SA was turned off on 02May00 and we have a total of 54
missions in the study. Only 4 of those missions went above 100,000ft which
is 7.4%.

For analysis of Ascent Rate Variations I only used data from missions after
SA was turned off. There were a total of 28 missions in the study of which
only 2 went above 100,000ft. Again, that is 7.1%. This indicates we are
not flying higher as time goes by.

It appears we should not be overselling our collective ability to make it to
100,000ft because it happens less than 1 flight out of 10.

TNX es 73 de Ralph Wallio, W0RPK
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I've designed a logo for GPSL but arranged to leave the diskette at
home. I'll post it tomorrow. I'd like the motto for this year's GPSL
to be, "100,000 feet. Been There, Done That".


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