Re: 500 mile flight?

Don Pfister <ka0jlf@...>

Well in a month, I'll be crewing for the RAAM and will travel from Portland, OR
to Pensacola, FL basically non-stop. It took Fabio a little over 9 days to ride
the race a couple of years ago, hope to be faster this time. ;-)

I could monitor it during the race. ;-)

73 Don

"Ralph Wallio, W0RPK" wrote:

The discussion of Mean Zonal Winds (MZW) at helps us start planning toward
a long distance mission (but lets plan toward more than 703.02 miles to give
us a chance at breaking the SSOK/WB0DRL record - see MZW data includes mean
wind speed (m/s) at various altitudes but there is no directional component
other than westerly vs. easterly.

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